The road to Pall-Ex

Pall-Ex has grown phenomenally since Hilary Devey worked tirelessly to launch her multi-award-winning business in 1996.

Hilary Devey gained her wealth of experience in the distribution sector, having worked at Littlewoods, followed by Tibbett and Britten, and Scorpio (part of the United Carrier network). She then spent seven years in the retail distribution sector at TNT before leaving to set up her own business.

It was an uphill battle from the beginning with bankers refusing to back her proposed venture, forcing her to sell her house to fund its start up. However, she faced these difficult obstacles with a true entrepreneurial spirit, tackling them head on. For instance, in the first year of trading, employees’ wages came before her own, forcing her to sacrifice Christmas dinner that year.

After months of failed attempts, Hilary finally managed to source her first premises and eventually, on 29 November 1996, Pall-Ex was born. On the first night of operation just 117 pallets were distributed through the fledgling network – a stark contrast to the 10,000 pallets that are now regularly distributed by Pall-Ex nightly.

Prior to the formation of Pall-Ex, it was difficult to transport small consignments of palletised freight quickly and cost-effectively. Hilary knew that this situation needed addressing. She is responsible for developing the unique business model which went on to revolutionise distribution in the UK and Europe.

With its headquarters and central UK hub located in the heart of England, Pall-Ex Group boasts a rapidly growing number of dynamically interconnected networks. These form a pan-European chain of operations, providing palletised freight distribution services throughout every corner of the continent and beyond.

Pall-Ex Group’s award-winning network of quality hauliers collaborates to deliver leading palletised freight distribution services, bringing efficient, reliable, environmentally-conscious and cost-effective solutions to a complete range of businesses and end-customers.

…sector-leading quality, innovation, exemplary standards, environmental and social responsibility, and professional commitment.

Pall-Ex is the network of choice for international partners, members and customers. It offers a strong core of reliable local, national, and international logistics services, with flexible, bespoke solutions in place in support of its many corporate accounts.

The Group’s operations are supported by Pall-Ex’s bespoke multilingual, in-house technology, which drives consistent and simple service quality and advanced cross-border technology.

Continually forging new business links throughout Europe and beyond, Pall-Ex has remained true to its core values. Its haulier members and service-users throughout the world are valued as partners; while its strong and vibrant brand is synonymous with sector-leading quality, innovation, exemplary standards, environmental and social responsibility, and professional commitment.