Duvalay was founded in 2003 by Liz and Alan Colleran. The husband and wife team developed Duvalay’s signature lightweight memory-foam to create a luxurious, portable caravan mattress-topper, in response to the insomnia and back-pain associated with uncomfortable caravan beds.

Duvalay soon earned a market-leading, lifestyle-enhancing reputation; expanding its range to incorporate custom and ready-made mattresses, mattress-toppers and pillows for leisure vehicles, boats, trucks, travel, camping and the home.

The company rocketed to international fame in 2011 when Liz and Alan first encountered Hilary Devey in the Dragons’ Den. Here, they presented their unique and universally appealing flagship product, the Duvalay: a memory-foam sleep solution featuring memory-foam base and duvet encapsulated in connected bedding pockets.

Hilary’s input and investment helped Duvalay on their way to further innovation and international expansion as well as diversification into wider trade and domestic markets.

The company continues to go from strength to strength. Its latest, hand-crafted, Hilary Devey Collection of beds and mattresses combines Duvalay’s passion for affordable sleep perfection with Hilary’s meticulous flair for lavish and indulgent design, making wonderfully restorative sleep centrepieces accessible to everybody.