WOW Table Art

Table Art was founded by visionary innovator, Gary Martin, who got his first taste of the events industry while working as a DJ during his time as a student.

Gary’s entrepreneurial flair saw him founding an agency which supplied DJs for corporate events throughout the UK. Before long, he was creating custom-built event-styling props, a project which led to the inception of Table Art in 2007.

Since then, Table Art’s wireless, illuminated installations and bespoke works of art, created in-house at its eco-friendly studio, have featured at major events, weddings, castles, stadiums and awards ceremonies throughout the world; where its bespoke table centrepieces create excellent branding and customisation opportunities.

Table Art’s rapid growth and popularity led to Gary’s 2010 appearance, alongside Hilary Devey, on The Business Inspector. Gary and Hilary struck up a productive relationship and, in 2011, forged a partnership which would develop Table Art into the global market-leader for event styling and table centrepieces.

Since then, Table Art has developed its pioneering Supreme DMX remote control system, which independently controls its table centres at the touch of a button. Every component is reusable, while Table Art’s highly efficient, reliable and colour-consistent LED lights are powered by solar-charged batteries.

Its range includes more than 60 table centre designs and a growing range of lit fixtures and furniture, which work in complete harmony to produce stunning effects. Table Art’s installations are securely transported in custom-built freight cases and assembled, fuss-free, by its skilled audio visual team, ensuring a smooth and efficient event set up.

Table Art continues to go from strength to strength, and is highly reputed as an events market-leader throughout the UK and beyond, styling events around the globe, from Chile and Dubai to London and Paris.